CA applications for fruit, vegetable and flower packaging and storage entails

the careful and precise manipulation of the temperature, oxygen, nitrogen,

CO2, ethylene and humidity levels in the cold room or freight containers. The

CA process uses various technologies and processes such as air separation

membranes, catalytic oxidation of organics and adsorption of ripening

hormones. Each application is specifically designed, specified, and installed.

Areas of application: Fresh produce markets, fruit and vegetable growers, cold

room storage facilities, freight containers of fresh produce, meat producers.


Air sterilization: UV germicidal irradiation (UVGI) for the destruction of

airborne molds, germs, pathogens, algae, and spores. UVGI installations make

use of UV lamp irradiation of air that flows through the contact cell or area of

irradiation. The equipment is shielded off to not expose human or animals to

the 254nm light radiation.

Equipment varies between small UVGI lamps for a single room, to large

installations for air duct installations.

Areas of application: Hospitals, clinics, corrective facilities, schools, doctor’s

rooms, air travel, cold rooms, storage facilities, meat processors, mold

containment, Tuberculosis wards and centers.


Odour control and reduction: Biofilter technology is used as an almost

emissions‐free process for the treatment of unwanted and nuisance odours.